Help save our green spaces

As you may have already seen, the green spaces on the estate are coming up for auction.

The first lot is land to the south west of King Harry Lane, covering 15.26 acres including highway, paths, verges and what are described as “parcels of land with development potential subject to planning”.

The land is situated in and around Mayne Avenue, Samian Gate, Flavian Close, Icknield Close, Glevum Close, Hadrian Close, Lindum Place, Augustus Close, Claudian Place, Antonine Gate and Ermine Close.

The second lot is 4.11 acres in and around Windridge Close, Westfields, Deva Close, Dubrae Close, Rowlatt Drive, Mayne Avenue and Corinium Gate.

Maps of the land to be sold are on the auction website.

This is the land which was retained by Davies Homes when they built the estate but which is now to be sold.

We have been in regular touch with our district and county councillors and have urged them to urge Herts County Council (HCC) and St Albans District Council (SADC) to purchase the land and, if this is not possible, to do everything they can to preserve it from development, whoever ends up owning it.

We believe that this could be achieved if Herts County Council designate all the land up for sale as highways land, which they would then control.

All of the land up for sale, verges, green spaces and all, has been maintained for many years by Herts Highways (and SADC under contract to them) as part of the highway realm. As such, it has been protected from development. This must continue. A clear statement from HCC saying that this will continue would reassure residents and remove any possible misunderstandings about the status of the land.

So please contact Cllr Phil Bibby (address details below) HCC Executive Member, Highways and Transport, explaining how important our green spaces are and urging him to make clear that ALL of the land for sale is part of the highway realm and so protected from development.

Cllr Phil Bibby
Members Support Office
County Hall
Pegs Lane
Hertford SG13 8DE

email :